Jonathan Seales
Jonathan Seales // Art Director


YATAY was a project at Brandcenter, where a startup came to the school and asked our class to completely create and design a brand for Yerba Mate, a South American drink they planned on selling as an energy drink. My group and I created YATAY. With the energy drink market cluttered—and a decided push towards all-natural, healthy products—we decided to brand YATAY as an energy tea. All the benefits of an energy drink, without the negative stigma associated with them. With bright colors and a modern design influenced by South American culture, we designed YATAY to stand out on the shelves for people who needed to get that "extra oomph" to their day. We branded YATAY to embody the spirit of adventure. *Copywriter: Allison Murphy and myself

Packaging design + details

Storefront that sells hot Yerba Mate, as well as tea leaves. Small cafe feel.

Storefront that sells hot Yerba Mate, as well as tea leaves. Small cafe feel.

Tumblr Sponsored Posts

A startup isn't necessarily able to support print ads and super traditional media. Instead we decided to get to our audience through social. Tumblr sponsored posts seemed the way to go, in a culture that values travel and adventure. But the Tumblr community also hates advertising, so the goal was to create posts that blended right into the typical dashboard, but that led to YATAY's site.

Indoor/Outdoor displays

YATAY would host an Instagram giveaway, after invading the hashtag #wanderlust, a popular tag on Instagram for people who like to explore and travel. We wanted to target active people, who are always busy, always on the move. The same people who have that insatiable itch to be outdoors. Ready to pick up their things and go on a spontaneous road trip. To get YATAY out, users would submit Instagram photos of places they've traveled or explored, with YATAY in the picture, with the hashtag #oomph. Winners would be sent Wanderlust Traveling Boxes.