Jonathan Seales
Jonathan Seales // Art Director

Belay Band


Kids are rambunctious little things. We were asked to create an

innovative product, and then brand it from start to finish,

including a launch plan for the item. We created Belay. A smart

wearable designed just for kids. A parent can't always see their child.

Belay Band expands the window in which a parent is able to monitor

their child.

 Art Directors: Alex Belgrave, Kristie Pope, Sarah Ross

Experience Designer: Ewa Karweta 

*For this project I did copy.

Manifesto video.


Your child will continue to grow, whether you keep them locked inside or let them play outside. But we think the best growth happens in conjunction with a little bit of freedom and a budding independence. Belay Band stimulates independence for your child, which in turn helps them grow the way they should.


We believe that all children should get their hands dirty every once in a while and explore the world. Rainy days foster creativity and new adventures. To your child, even the most mundane things are filled with exciting new stories. Belay Band allows them the freedom to explore the world.



Everything boils down to trust. And we think trust is the strongest bond between a parent and child. Belay Band allows you to trust your child, just as much as it allows for your child to trust you. With mutual trust and understanding, your child will flourish.



This is the specs for the Belay Band, and all the technology it holds.

Introduction video to the product that would be featured on the website. A shorter version would air on TV.

The Belay Band app. It's the gateway to the child, and the way the band communicates with the parents. It features push notifications when a child is in distress or hasn't responded to the band's vibration. There's a status screen to monitor the children, and allows the setting of 'safe zones', such as school. The app allows you to connect with your child's bluetooth enabled band.