Jonathan Seales
Jonathan Seales // Art Director

Garrison Brothers



Garrison Brothers Handcrafted Bourbon is sold exclusively in Texas (where I'm from), and have an almost cult-like following. GB's bourbon is so popular that they actually run out of bottles by the end of the year. The insight was to play up this rush and demand for the bourbon in a campaign that played to the brand's Western feel.  *Copy written by me

The brand—a little older—needed a simple, but modern brand refresh as seen in the new logo/icon and bottle/tag design.


In theme with the campaign, in-store displays would change during the year to signal the decreasing availability of Garrison Brother's. This would both generate buzz and give the brand a strong voice amongst competitors. At the end, a black curtain would be placed over where they usually sell Garrison Brother's, signaling it is gone.

Re-designed website with an interactive, shareable experience, where users post stories of the crazy things they've done to get their hands on Garrison Brother's Bourbon. Stories would be filtered and then featured on the site. Best voted stories would receive the first bottles of the following years batch.

Interactive billboards would be placed outside liquor stores in Texas, that would react when a person approached them. It would start by saying 'STOP', before rolling into copy. Then there would be a little button the person could press to see what other stores sell Garrison Brother's in the nearby vicinity. This would only be placed outside stores near the end of the year, when stock is running low. The counter of how many people saw the ad would gradually increase based on how many times the ad played itself.