Jonathan Seales
Jonathan Seales // Art Director


What do I love more than anything? Writing fiction. I probably can't spin a headline or come up with a perfect tag. Short form writing was never my strong suit. But long form writing? Give me some body copy or a manifesto. A script even. That's what I've always been good at: developing a whole new world from scratch. 

It's my stories that gave rise to my art direction. Without my love of writing, I would have never discovered my love of design. It started with designing covers, and breathing life into my writing with visuals and images. I've been told my writing is very visual, and that's true, because I imagine my books as action movies as I'm writing them. So here's a bit of my favorite thing. My stories.

Cold metal prodded against his left arm, followed by the faint tingling of electricity. The hairs on his arm reacted sharply, standing at direct attention.

“Move faster,” came a faint and muffled voice from his left.

He took a sharp inhale, stumbling forward. LORA soldiers flanked him on either side, their armored black masks opaque and sinister. Agni moved forward, trying to maintain some level of personal space.

As his eyes scanned the line of people in front of him, a small boy stumbled out of line. The boy’s foot had caught on a large crack in the faded slabs of concrete of the train station.

A haunting flash of blue lit up Agni’s vision as warping bolts of electricity connected with the boy’s body. The boy gave a yell, when the blunt end of the black metal electric rods hit the back of the boy’s head.

He collapsed.

Agni drew in a sharp breath, watching two LORA soldiers grab the boy roughly by his arms and drag him forward. Agni’s fist clenched involuntarily, but he stayed in line.

“Got a problem?” a LORA soldier asked him.......



“Savell, catch!” Evan shouted, throwing a dulled rapier into the air.

The dragon swooped in, his large wings flaring out as he caught the play weapon neatly in his teeth. Now as large as a medium-sized dog, Savell  pumped his wings and soared higher, his topaz eyes sparkling.

Evan smirked as he turned back toward his friend Lin. She put one hand on her hip, her wide chestnut eyes narrowing in annoyance. Beside her stood, Boula, a demi-human, who was currently in wolf form.

Boula’s ice-green, slit-eyed stare bore into him, her white fur reflecting the afternoon sunlight.

“I hardly think it will be a fair fight if I don’t have my weapon,” Lin pointed out.

Evan shrugged. “I honestly don’t remember the last time you fought fair.”

Lin moved her shoulders slightly, causing her long burgundy hair to ripple. “Fine. I guess it’s only fair that I use magic, then.”

He frowned, crossing his arms. That was most definitely not fair. Lin was one of the lucky few in their hometown of Marna who had actually been born with magic. As a rule they never used it in their sparring matches, but Lin only followed that rule when it suited her.....



I'm a little obsessed with my books. But I think that's what makes a good author. You have to love your characters and the story. Immerse yourself in a world of your creation. So naturally, I started designing promotional book posters for my books. Sorta like movie posters, but ones that highlight the characters and the upcoming book. Shadow of War is the sequel to the original "Final Stance" series, and I always like to imagine there would be a lot of hype surrounding their releases. (I can dream, can't I?) So below are some posters and other fun things I designed for my book.