Jonathan Seales
Jonathan Seales // Art Director

Gentleman Jack


Jack Daniel's® more premium, stepped up brand, Gentleman Jack is unique. It stands out as a smoother whiskey, and we were tasked to bring this brand to the spotlight. Great for cocktails—especially the whiskey sour—we were asked to make GJ the go-to brand for bartenders to grab when making the classic drink. For that goal, we created a Global Toolkit in honor of what we named the Gentleman's Sour: a smooth twist on a classic whiskey sour.  With this, we created social content, point of sale work and activation concepts for global markets to use and work with to make the whiskey sour a classic drink again.

Copywriter: Kaitlin DeMayo

The story 

The people of Lynchburg, Tennessee, know whiskey. So it only makes sense that we know what it takes to make a good whiskey sour. We’ve created Gentleman Jack with a little extra care, double-mellowed drop by drop for an extraordinarily smooth finish, making it the best complement to a cocktail. So if you’re looking for a drink with a smooth Tennessee spin, look no further than the Gentleman’s Sour. 

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Social Videos

Ever wonder how to make an extra smooth whiskey sour? A Gentleman knows best.

Whiskey sour meets southern peach. Try this new twist on our Gentleman’s classic.

How to be this summer’s smooth dresser. You really only need one thing: a Gentleman’s Sour.

Additional Activations

In addition to cinemagraphs, stills, stop motion and recipe videos, we developed several activation concepts for Global markets to use in rolling out the Gentleman's Sour.

One activation was a Summer of Sour Pop-Up, which would partner Jack Daniel's with local restaurants and chains to create miniature pop-up bars around popular foodie spots, near food trucks and at music festivals. They would feature both the restaurant's most popular food items and Gentleman's Sours.

The second activation was a competition for the Best Twist on a Whiskey Sour, would gather local bartenders for a friendly “Who can make the best Gentleman's Sour.” Bartenders would be given the basic ingredients plus a variety of extra ingredients and asked to make their best version of a Gentleman Sour. This would be judged by a panel of “dedicated” whiskey drinkers (and Jack enthusiasts). Winner’s recipe would be featured on the chain and craft restaurants/bars menu as well as earn a spot on Jack Daniel's own recipe page.