Jonathan Seales
Jonathan Seales // Art Director




The name is Jonathan Seales. Art director. Creative. Crazy. The usual.

Currently freelancing in LA.

Just came from Arnold Worldwide in Boston doing a plethora (I swear I'm an art director) of work. Mostly Jack Daniel's. But also a bit of Progressive, Hardee’s and anything else they wanted to throw at me.

As my parents would readily tell you, my head has always been firmly rooted in the clouds. I may or may not have believed in magic until I was 12. I blame Harry Potter.

I was always an avid reader, and by 13 I was creating my own worlds. I've always tried to pave my own path, both in life, and in my stories. I wanted to be original ... as much as I possibly could.

I don't tame dragons (but I do tame dogs), and I've fled from plenty of battles (have you seen what spiders look like up close?), but I do hike around the mountains of Colorado and Utah. And biking, taking long walks, or late night drives with music has always been a favorite pastime. That and trying new recipes. I love cooking, especially Indian/Nepali food, which is my favorite.

So that's me. Kinda. Maybe. Enough.

Check out my resume, gawk at my portfolio and shoot me an email.